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Idube Creative House

EST. 2023 | Denver, CO

"Idube" means zebra in Zulu

Like fingerprints, each design of a zebra’s stripes are unique and special. Just like in our industry, with every business and product, no two designs are identical. The contrast of the light and dark colors is reminiscent of the partnership between our clients and our business. Separate, we are singular entities, but together we can create a spectacular work of art. 

Why Choose Us?


Our team is driven by a passion for design, sustainability, and creating lasting impressions.


Your satisfaction is at the heart of what we do. We tailor our services to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


Whether you're revamping a room or launching a business in the US, we provide the expertise to make your vision a reality.

Our Values

Raw wood fibers
Raw wool fibers. Image by Vince Veras
Bamboo stalks. Image by Maurits Bausenhart
Weaving loom. Image by Nickolas Nikolic
Rolled Textiles






Meet Our Founder

Jeneé Rick, Principal & Founder

Those who know me know that travel is my greatest joy and inspiration. I love experiencing new cultures and using the sights, sounds, smells, and people as insight directly into my designs. Idube Creative House is the peak of that enterprise. While on a safari in Africa, I was moved by the beauty of all the wild animals I saw. Specifically, I saw the zebra’s stripes as one of the most spectacular and extraordinary patterns in nature, inspiring me to name my new business Idube, after the Zulu word for Zebra. 

From my earliest memories of having my name called over the speakers in every department store as I was “lost”, really, I was styling strangers from the age of 5 in their dressing rooms. This quickly transformed into moving things around in my aunts’ homes and then to friends’, there was always a love of aesthetics, color, spatial relation and design for both the body and the home. With 19 years of experience in the design industry, establishing a foundation in fashion handling everything from buying, merchandising, personal shopping, designing to accounting and managing a business made for a great foundation to make a move to fashions of the home. I have extensive knowledge of what works in the business, and I am excited to share that with you. Between curating lines and designing and selling custom furniture, I’ve learned a lot along the way that can help me build a solid foundation for your success. I am confident that I can find your strengths and weaknesses and help you put them together into a beautiful pattern of stripes, just like the IDUBE. One of the biggest inspirations I have drawn from my years of travel is that sustainability is key. We need to be able to work within our world and our environment, not work against it, to build a business that will last. I will help my clients nurture their independence, while also expanding their horizons to take on exciting new opportunities.

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